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Another proud moment for us
2017, 2018 and now 2019
we are by point system of Norwegian Rottweiler Club
Best breeders on the Rottweiler clubs speciality shows
We are very humble and proud for another year and this gives us hope that the road a head of us is bright and we are breeding good Rottweiler examples into this world
Thank you to all our puppy buyers without you this couldn't be possible

The best male by point system of Norwegian Rottweiler Club
for 2019 on speciality shows was our Ives Vom Räuberweg
We are extremely proud of our boy and we love him deeply..
Not only has he proven himself with all his titles but he has given us excellent offsprings
He is a handsome boy and has a excellent drive and personality

Swedish Rottweiler Speciality Show
Karlskoga - Sweden
Judge: Aleksandar Gagic

Wicked Game E-Marco in working class males V1,CK,CAC 4th Best Male

Letohallen, Norway
Judge:Monika Blaha
Wicked Game E-Marco
V1 in working male class with CK, CAC,
Best Male and Best of breed,
2nd best in group 2
Today Marco became Norwegian Champion!!!

International dog show Bø - Norway
Wicked Game E-Marco in working male class V1,CK,CAC,r.CACIB !!
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Letohallen - Norway
Judge: Rottweiler Specialist, Ann Stavdal
Wicked Game E-Marco, V1, CK, CAC, Best Male and Best Of Breed !!
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Proud once again this time for 2018 to be awarded best breeder
at Rottweiler specialty shows in Norway, the same title we wun in 2017 also.
 A big thank you to our devoted puppy buyers who also show their dogs in always excellent condition,
to make this possible.
Also proud of best male in Rottweiler speciality shows for 2018,
Blandus Gia's Garden, who's co owned with Jan Ove Skaar !!!!
Good results doesn't just happen.. It's done with hard work and knowledge and some luck!! 

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Rottweiler Speciality Show Norway
Judge:Bruno B. Morstabilin i- Italy

Wicked Game Best Kennel in Show !!!
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ADRK KlubSieger 2018 - Lustadt Germany
Judge: Rudiger Schmidt ADRK

Dino av Ipso V1 Veteranclass
Anw Dt vet cac Vdh

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