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Planned for 2019
Wicked Game E-Marco

Nordic Winner 2018
Swedish Junior Winner 2017
Norwegian Youth Sieger Show Winner 2018
Norweigan Puppy Sieger Show Winner 2017

Mental Test

Wicked Game Fenia

Mental Test

This would be this litters pedigree:

To buy a puppy from our kennel:

*You will need to provide a good home for the puppy.

* Time and patience to actually have a dog in the house.

* You need to know about the character of the breed, If you haven't owned a Rottweiler before.

*This is a breed for a person- family who can take charge, if you are a very soft hearted person and
can't be "the boss»,don’t buy a Rottweiler.

*You don't need to show your dog on dog shows or working trails, To get a puppy from us.
That our dogs live in good home is our one and only concern.
BUT if you would like to show your dog or do working ,that would really please us.

*Those of you who are interested in a puppy can contact us already now, And tell us little about yourselves.
Puppies will be able to leave to their new homes in age of 8 weeks.

*They will have a pedigree, health attest, will be chipped, have Euro passport, Will be vaccinated & dewormed.
* Each owner will receive buying contract and puppies will get puppy packs.

*We will always want the best for our Wicked Game puppies, so we will always provide with any help we can.
From training methods, show things to daily things needed help with.

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