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Swedish Winner Show
Stockholm Sweden
Judge for males : Peter Friedrich ADRK ( Germany 🇩 🇪)

Wicked Game E- Marco V1 in junior males , SWEDISH JUNIOR WINNER 2017!!!
Also 3:nd best male for the day !!!!

Wicked Game Firoz V ( Excellent)in junior males !!!
to owner:Evelina Esbjörnsson !!!!

Wicked Game Amazing Gibson V1 in Champion males ,
with CAC and therefor SWEDISH CHAMPION !!!!!!!!!!

Wicked Game Dina V4 in junior female class
Congratulations to owners of Gibson & Dina : Rune Østensen & Jenny Østensen!!!!!!

Ives Vom Räuberweg V3 in Working class !!!!!

NKK Lillestrøm

Wicked Game Dina , Norwegian Junior Winner 2017 !!
Congratulations to owners:Rune & Jenny Østensen ( Von Casa Art Kennel)


Hellastar Xana & Ives Vom Räuberweg
passed Swedish Mental Test !!


Rottweiler Speciality Show Stokke Norway
Judge: Maria Matakoski

Wicked Game Kennel was Best Kennel In Show With Honor Prize!!



Norwegian Sieger Show (Rottweiler Speciality Show)
Vestby Norway

Judge:ADRK Rüdiger Schmidt (Germany)

Wicked Game Kennel , Best Kennel in Show !!

Blandus Gia's Garden V1 Working Class and Norwegian Sieger Winner 2017

Wicked Game Emarco VP1 puppy class
And Norwegian puppy Sieger winner 2017 and also BEST IN SHOW PUPPY


Wicked Game Fenia VP3 baby class

Mala Crni Lotos V3 Working Class
Felicks crul can simbolico V1 championclass

Wicked Game Amazing Gibson SG1 intermedia class...
Owners Rune and Jenny Østensen

Wicked Game Chaya SG3 youth class.
Owners. Rico and Simone Wallich

Wicked Game Fortuna VP baby class
Owner Mariann Johansson

Hellastar Aelia V4 open class
Co owner Mariann Johansson

Nesbyen Norway
Judge: Wera Hubenthal
Wicked Game Amazing Gibson V1 CK CAC
Congratulations to owners:Rune & Jenny Østensen ( Von Casa Art Kennel)


Scandinavian Klubsieger (Rottweiler Speciality Show)
Södertälje Sweden
Judge : Jouni Nummela Finland

Wicked Game Firoz VP 1

Congratulations to owner:Evelina Esbjörnsson


Swedish sieger (Rottweiler Speciality Show)
Södertälje - Sweden
Judge:ADRK Helmut Weiler (Germany)

Wicked Game Firoz VP 1

Congratulations to owner: Evelina Esbjörnsson



Hellastar Aelia passed Norwegian Mental Test !

Congratulations to co owner of Aelia Mariann Johansson

Wicked Game Cayenne V1 in Junior Class
Wicked Game Enya V1 , Best Puppy Of Breed & Best Puppy in Show 3 !!

Congratulations to owners: Kerstin Spåre-Knut Eriksson, Christer Palmquist-Tilla Palmquist


NKK Oslo Ekeberg - Norway
Judge: Pedro Sanches Delerue

Wicked Game Amazing Gibson V 1 in Intermedia class

Congratulations to owners:Rune & Jenny Østensen ( Von Casa Art Kennel)


Sandefjord -Norway

Wicked Game Chaya V1 in Junior class ,
Best Junior Of Breed , Best Of Breed !!

Congratulations to owners: Rico & Simone Wallich

Rottweiler Speciality Show
Vestby - Norway

Our Tested
dogs for JLPP are ALL N/N= Free !!!!!!
That means so far all 10 dogs tested in our kennel are free..

Wicked Game Electra JLPP N/N Free
(Vico vd Maxi Rott x Hellastar Ziva )

Wicked Game Arko JLPP N/N Free
( Hellastar Emil x Hellastar Rain)

Wicked Game Benji JLPP N/N Free
( Blandus Gia's Garden x Hellastar Xana)

Hellastar Rain JLPP N/N free
( Tito Earl Antonius x Evita von Hause Milsped)

Hellastar Xana JLPP N/N free
( Hellastar Emil x Hellastar Delta)

Hellastar Ziva JLPP N/N free
( Hellastar Qevros x Mala Crni Lotos)

Felicks Crul Can Simbolico JLPP N/N free
( Sony Can Simbolico x Yaltta Can Simbolico)

Mala Crni Lotos JLPP N/N Free
( Bathor Crni Lotos x Agrippa Crni Lotos)

Hellastar Aelia JLPP N/N free 
( Hellastar Qevros x Hellastar Delta)

Hellastar Karmen JLPP N/N free
( Rottline's Rasmus x Kneikas Je Lazy)

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