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Some random photo's :)


Nikolas after speciality Show in Stokke

Christina & Nikolas At Scandinavian Sieger Show with ADRK judge Anton Spindler

Nikolas at his first handler show


Anders with Mala & Christina with Karmen

Christina & Felicks , on Ås Speciality Show 2016
Anders & Dino with ADRK Judge Edgard Hellmann at SSU 2016
Out for a nice walk Anders , Nikolas , Wicked Game Anya & Wicked Game Arko 2015

On the Sofa Wicked Game Anya watching her brother doing something 2015

Anders & Wicked Game Arko

Nikolas with baby Wicked Game Anya 2015

Anders & Dino Av Ipso

Christina with Evita Von Hause Milsped & Hellastar Pantalia back in 2010 on trip in Germany

Nikolas with Wicked Game Amazing Gibson in 2015

Anders , Wicked Game Anya & Wicked Game Arko on a walk in town 2016

Christina & Multi Champion Gil Von Hause Milsped in 2007

Christina & International Champion Rottline's Rasmus in 2006

Nikolas with Hellastar Q-litter 2012 Christmas

Nikolas with Hellastar Waro

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